Design the future you want

12-weeks of Life Coaching & Mentoring

Gain a true understanding of where you’re at in your life and discover where you want to be, and work out how are we going to get you there.

The Programme

Join my 12 week life coaching & mentoring programme where we will work on a 121 basis so I can gain a true understanding of where you’re at in your life and discover where you want to be, and work out how are we going to get you there.

Over the 12 weeks we will:

Delve deeper into your core values, see where they show up in your life and where they don’t and what can be done about it.

Look at your human needs and how they are and aren’t being met and what unhelpful behaviours you might need to look at around them. Human needs are certainty, uncertainty, significance, love & connection, growth and contribution.

Identify what limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back from living the life, and having the relationships and job/business you truly want.

We will look at the good and bad side of our ego and where it can be in conflict with our true authentic self. Channelling your higher self that holds your powerful intuition, which in turn makes you more self-assured, centred and aligned.

Run a scan over where you are now and with all the newfound self-awareness from the previous weeks work, where do you want to be?

Design the future you most want and desire now you have broken free of any limiting beliefs and step into with powerful visualisation exercises or the creation of a vision board.

Each week will include a 121 Zoom session with me, lasting 60 to 75 minutes. Also includes light contact throughout the week via WhatsApp where I will send supporting information and it’s a space where you can reach out to me for any additional support you may need.

Normally £116 per week, but when you commit to a 12-week programme, you get it for £99.75.

As this service is based on 121 and not in a group, I will only commit to 10 clients at once, so I’m fully energised for each and every one of you.

If you are unsure you can book in a quick 20 min chat with me and we can discuss if we are compatible to work together.

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Don’t just take my word for it

Helped me re-align my personal self and how I live my daily life for the better... drives me every day to make better decisions.

My stress levels are at an all-time low, my awareness in my decision making process is at an all-time high and I feel in control for the first time in a long time.

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Limited spaces available

To ensure my focus is on you, I’m restricting access to just 10 people

We work on a 100% confidentiality basis. You must be over the age of 21-years. I’m not trained to work with anyone with any mental health, or severe anxiety, issues. If you aren’t based in the UK, you need to work with the UK clock – but I will be as flexible as possible. Listed above is a programme goal. If it becomes apparent that we need to spend more time on a particular area, we will – but this means we may not get to work through all of the above.