28 Day
BOOSTER Challenge

Starts - Monday 5th July 2021

5 day Core Values Challenge done ✅
Are you ready to go deeper & step up a level?

BONUS – Claim your  complimentary 20/30 min zoom call with me worth £50

 ‘if you book before FRIDAY 2ND JULY’

Congratulations, you’ve completed the free 5 Day Core Values Challenge and have decided to continue your amazing journey of leading a more VALUES led life. 🎉

For the next 28 days, I will hold your hand and take you a little deeper into your values and how you can live your life more on your terms, resulting in…

Higher self-awareness, clarity, focus, direction, inner confidence, deeper understanding of yourself calmness, empowerment and a clear plan of action with goals, methods and techniques on how to hold yourself accountable, as well as working towards creating a healthy work – life balance.

This programme where it’s valued at approx. £297, but as it’s the first one done in this style & format, I’m starting it at only £127. All I ask for in return is that you give me some honest feedback at the end and some flexibility around the modules, as I may think of more improved content as we work through the 28days –  is this fair? 🤔

BONUS – Those that book before FRIDAY 2ND JULY, will receive a complimentary 20/30 min call, that you can use anytime during the 28 days, with notice.

What’s Included?


Rest & Prep 


 Here are some ideas to help you prepare…

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Catch Up Week

Don’t worry if you didn’t get through all the modules, you can use this week to catch up!

28 Day Core Values BOOSTER – Hosted by Karen Deas – The Change Agent KD

  • It’s only a few hours a week and I will show you how to find clarity and direction in your life, feeling empowered, happier and more satisfaction.
  • You will gain an even deeper understanding of what’s important to you, whilst learning more about yourself.
  • You will feel more confident in your decision making going forward.
  • More of your true identity will be unveiled to you.
  • The community group is a space where everyone is all striving for the same thing, so feel free to make friends.
  • There will be support, community and I will be on hand answering any questions.
If you want to know more about me and the clients I’ve worked with as well as the great results and benefits they’ve gained, please visit my Facebook coaching page: The Change Agent KD 
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Karen Deas