only £66.16 per month - March to Aug

The Ideal people to sign up for this are people who LOVE personal development, committed to positive change and making a difference, internally & externally. Perhaps you’re already in a good place overall and mentally, but ready to do what work is needed upgrade YOUR life, with a clear vision and plans.  


In this 12-week programme, you will go through all the steps of giving your life an MOT! 🔧

Resulting in more confidence, huge clarity, greater direction, an understanding of who you are, what you want, without making your life all about your job/business.

Checking over areas of your life, YOU and your environment, fine tuning, developing and expanding, whilst giving love to where needs it, resulting in…

• Greater happiness 😀

• The ability to be more present 🧘🏼‍♀️

• Deeper sense of Identity 💜

• Have clear values, mission and vision for your life 🧘🏼‍♀️

• Tackle what limiting beliefs are holding you back 🙌🏻

• Explore your human needs and gain insights to any unhelpful behaviours you might have and why! 🤔

• Start practicing new helpful routines and habits that gives your life balance ⚖️

• Understand the power of great self-awareness and reflection through journaling ✍🏻

• Confidence to put boundaries in place ⛔️

• Clarity on your relationships and if your tribe is right for your life 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

• Learning to say No or Yes more for the right reasons 👏🏻

• Learn to love and appreciate yourself more ❣️

• Meet your ‘future self’ and gain insight on what you want 💭

• Expand blue sky thinking and be more open to greater goals 🥅

• Become more trusting of yourself 🥰

• You will connect with inner higher-self and gain great wisdom and comfort 😍

• You will connect your ego and learn to see its nature and how it helps and hinders you 🧠

• Ending with a plan of action going after what you truly desire, with tools, techniques and strategies… 🧰

Over the 12 weeks programme, I recommend you do one module per week, in order. This was you can feel and experience the changes and each module is designed to complement the one before and the one ahead. 

You can go at your own pace, as you will have access to the programme for 6 months should life events delay you OR you simply want to revisit, review or repeat any of the modules. 🔁

All done via a private platform, where you can login, in your own private space, watch the video, do the task and if you have any questions you can join the bi-weekly group Zoom calls. 👩🏼‍🏫

The bi-weekly group Zoom calls will be for an hour or so, where I will answer any questions and I can expanding more on the exercises. 

There will be the option to take part in a buddy-system 🤝 where you can make new friends and share progress and support each other, on top of the support I will offer. ✅

This package also includes 90 mins of 1:1 coaching and mentoring with me, you can spend your coaching time as you wish, either 3 x 30 mins,  2 x 45 mins or 1 x 90,  to use when needed. This alone is worth £150, if purchased before Friday 19th February.

Investment is currently only £497 if purchased before Friday 19th February (£397 with code CHALL100); Please note this cost will increase later on in the year.

Officially starts on 1st March 2021.

ALSO, if you would like to refresh or redo your Core Values, you can do this for free via this platform, worth £99, CPD Approved, click here.

To Re-cap, for £397 only £66.16 per month, your will receive:

  • 6 months of online coaching & mentoring through the MOT Your Life programme, from 1st March –  image how you will be in August with this?
  • 90 minutes of 1:1 coaching & mentoring with me
  • bi-weekly group get together via Zoom, where I will go deeper into the modules and answering any questions on where you are at
  • Option to take part in a buddy up system
  • AND if you want to refresh your Core Values before you start, this too, worth £99

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me

MOT Your Life

12 week online programme for £497