are you ready to reveal an even better version of you?


The School Of Potential.

Stay connected with likeminded people and keep up the amazing work you’ve already done in The Core Values Challenge. Consider The School Of Potential a cool-club for 1 year, where you keep learning, growing and continue to evolve, revealing an even better version of you, again and again for deep lasting happiness and confidence.

Quite often we lose ourselves and can define ourselves by our work, relationships, or events that have happened to us. We forget why we are here and what our potential is outside these factors. This can leave us feeling unhappy, confused, and disconnected.🙇‍♀️

We can pick up bad habits, negative thinking, over eating, drinking too much, overworking, overspending because we are searching for instant gratification or external validation, but it doesn’t help or serve us. ❎

Karen Deas
  • ✅ What could life be like for you if you kept doing the amazing work you’ve already done this week on the core values challenge. Being even more self-aware, happier, conscious and mindful of yourself. As well as your thoughts, your actions and behaviours.  💜 This way you are putting your best foot forward, feeling self-assured, whilst creating goals, and reaching them, continuing to life a values-led life.
  • ✅ I will support you for 1 year, holding you accountable, so you imbed positive serving habits until it’s normal daily practice for you.
  • ✅ The School of Potential offers training, teachings, empowerment and the opportunity to be apart of a community where are are all striving for greatness. It will enhance your energy, spirit, enthusiasm and chances that you keep revealing more and more of your potential. 
  • 🤷‍♀️ Do you want to be exactly the same as you are, in 1 year from now?

Are you wondering why I came up with this?

Let me tell you.. As part of my recovery from my burnout and lowest point of my life 5 years ago, I studied myself and all aspects life, my mind, my ego and why I was behaving the way I was. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t like myself very much. I distracted myself by becoming obsessed with work, then drinking too much 🥂, doing cocaine, telling myself I was having fun, but deep-down, I was miserable. ☹️ It wasn’t an over-night transformation, and I still work on myself daily, but when I kickstarted the process of deep self-loveself-acceptance, worked on my ego and Core Values, I began to feel like I had a purpose and that I was worthy of all I desired.💜

I am now 2 stone lighter, fit, healthy, happy, doing what I love for my business, and I now lead a sober life. It will be 2.5 years in December. Now in a non-egotistical way, I think I’m fricken awesome!

The School of Potential includes exercises that I did on myself, and have done with some of my clients, and now I would like to help you, empower yourself doing the same things I did.

I don’t think there is such thing as a finished article, only doing the work daily so you and I grow, improve and blossom 1% more each day.

Ask yourself? 🧐

  • Don’t you owe to yourself, the people around you, and the world to continue showing up for yourself? ✅
  • No more hiding away in work or keeping yourself busy so you forget to feel or think about anything other than the jobs you need to do. ❎
  • What are your wants, needs and desires? Are they being met???
  • How are you planning your goals, personal development?
  • Who is helping you and holding you accountable?

I would love to help you with all of this, by joining The School Of Potential, you will do the ground work through the modules, then I will help you make plans, goals and keep you accountable to reach your personal and work goals.


You are 80% more likely to have the transformation you desire and achieve your goals with help and doing it with a community, FACT! ✅

You will feel and see the results in your life, it will have a positive knock on effect to all 4 cornerstones of your life.

Now is the time to stop ❎ wondering around aimlessly, being pushed about by life events, stop feeling lost, confused, overworked and unsure of who you are and why you are here.

🔥 Start feeling purposefulfulfilled, empoweredstrong, clear and wiser, with a clear path of what you want for the next 6 month to a year. 

Below is a snap shot 👀 of the 9 modules of P.O.T.E.N.T.I.A.L. ⤵️

Don’t forget, the cart closes at 10pm Sunday 7th November, 🛒 where you will lose the fast action pay in full BONUS of receiving a 1:1 with me worth £147.

And the current price of £497 will double in 2022 to £997.

The School Of Potential

A brief summary of the modules below

Living a life of full potential, all starts with discovering your Core Values. You’ve already started your personal growth journey, by unearthing your values, so let’s keep the momentum going ‘together’, whilst having fun and making the most of the shared community 💜 

The School Of ‘P.O.T.E.N.T.I.A.L. 

1. P = Programming, what do we need to remove that isn’t serving you, and what new programming can we install in your belief system. Removing the blocks and old habits that don’t serve you, so you thrive as you work towards your goals and feeling happy, fulfilled and unstoppable. 💾

2. O = On the inside, what’s needs address, perhaps we could do some healing on your inner child. When we do this we embrace the present and future with astounding self-belief. 🙏🏻

3. T = The people around you matter. Lets’ look at this wisely, this is very important to your personal growth. The people around you are either keeping you stuck, or adding to your growth, this doesn’t have to be hard, just raising your awareness so you make empowered choices. 👭

4. E = Ego, it can hinder us and serve us, so let’s use it to serve you and manage it wisely. When we understand the ego, we experience great freedom from fear 😈 😇

5. N = Note taking, the power of journaling – let’s reflect on what you’ve learned so far. Reflecting on your progress will make you feel awesome! 📝

6. T = The victories in your life. Let’s start building that confidence muscle 💪🏻 and create a victory file and all share our success stories, for united feelings of success.🏆

 7. I = Identity designer. What would you like to change in your current identity, do you want to build a new one, if so how would the new improved you think, feel, and behave? 🤔

8. A = Act as if, stepping into the new you, let’s have some fun and Act As Ifso you get to experience the new improved you! 🎥

9. L = Love – deep self-love, heals all, so you feel real appreciation for yourself and not reliant on others to validate you. 💜

Ideally you will do all 9 modules of P.O.T.E.N.T.I.A.L. (+P.R.E.P.)  in 6 to 8 weeks, depends on your pace and how deep you want to go.

Regardless how long it takes you, you will stay in the club for 1 year and once you complete the modules, we will share and support each others plans.

We will set up a plan of action for the following 6-12 months for you, where you map out each month where you considering all your values.

The School is not time sensitive, you can go at your own pace, but I will go LIVE weekly, with a module as the focus and it’s an opportunity to ask me any questions.

On top of the 9 main modules of P.O.T.E.N.T.I.A.L, you also get lots of surprise & delight bonuses along the way. 😲

(I am also considering a seasonal in person meet up’s for a high energy get togethers, giving out awards etc. TBC depends on volume of people in the school)

Some of the benefits...

🎁 You will have access for 12 months, this way you can go at your own pace and can re-cap on any modules when and if needed. This way you can keep practicing your new good habits, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

🎁 You go at your own pace, whatever its takes! So you can feel relaxed and not pressured.

🎁 You will have access to a private Facebook Group, where you will benefit from my energy and presence DAILY, and I will go LIVE 🎥 weekly where you can ask me any questions and I will talk more about some of the modules. For extra support and to keep you on track ✅

There will be access to lots of extra bonuses, such as:

+ Extra Maths class, where we talk about MONEY 🤑 You will learn about your relationship and the energy around it for more success!

+ The option to buddy -up, for study support, which I will facilitate. This helps you feel connected and add extra support on accountability. 👭

+ Extra After School Confidence Club Classes. So you will go about life and work, knowing your worth  💜

+ Online Graduations Parties –  Means we can all celebrate each others wins, progress and success 🎉

+ Surprise gifts from me along the way, to keep you connected and motivated 🎁

+ P.R.E.P Modules / School ‘P.R.E.P.’ To get you ready, excited and prepared!

Your investment 💰

All of this for only £497 and you can pay in 2 instalments if you need to. This is the beta-run, but will be exactly the same going forward, all I ask for in return is a testimonial for the discount. 🙏🏻

From 2022 it will be £997 per person for the year, snap it up now to get £500 off and if you pay in full before Sunday 7th November at 10pm, you receive the bonus 1:1 worth £147, thats a full saving of £647. 

The Fast Action Pay In Full Bonus Offer ENDS at 10pm Sunday 7th November. 

Bonus = 1 x 1:1 session with me worth £147 to use at any point.


So what are you waiting for? 🤷‍♀️

What’s stopping you from snapping up your place and winning that bonus 1:1 and 2021 discount, saving you £647 🤔?

Ask yourself, if you don’t will you be in the same position you are in now, in 12 months time?

Wouldn’t be awesome to be one the first people in The School Of Potential, so when there are hundreds, you can say you were one of the first, and maybe even become an ambassador for the school 🤓

Why me?

  • Because this is part of my life work, and my life experience, my past pain has become my life mission. 
  • This is my vision, mission and passion, you will feel my energy, experience, my dedication and commitment to you throughout the year. 
  • Because I’m qualified, I haven’t just watch a few YouTube videos like some coaches out there, I’ve invested in the training, and I’m invested in me.
  • I might not to be perfect, but I believe I am living walking example of someone who has applied all of these modules.
  • I could go on… but I hope you’ve got the picture, because genuinely I care about your progress 🙏🏻

Karen Deas – The Change Agent KD. Certified Life Coach, Mentor & NLP Practitioner.

Claim your space today

The School Of Potential is £497, for access for 12 months from, 2022 it will be £997.

The fast action pay in full BONUS offer ENDS on Sunday 7th November at 10pm. ⏰

BONUS = 1 x 1:1 session worth £147, giving you a full saving of £647. 


Karen has developed a powerful and unique approach to defining and living core values. Understanding your own values and articulating them honestly is crucial to being able to perform at a high level in the workplace and achieving genuine happiness in life at the same time. Success at work is unsustainable without well-being. I think this course is fantastic value for money and can highly recommend it. It’s useful, practical, thought-provoking and enjoyable. Most importantly though it will open your eyes, refresh your thinking and has the potential to improve your life in a range of areas

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Claim your space today

The School Of Potential is £497, for access for 12 months from, 2022 it will be £997.

The fast action pay in full BONUS offer ENDS on Sunday 7th November at 10pm. ⏰

BONUS = 1 x 1:1 session worth £147, giving you a full saving of £647. 🤑

You must be over the age of 21-years. I’m not trained to work with anyone with any mental health, or severe anxiety, issues. If you aren’t based in the UK, you need to work with the UK clock – but I will be as flexible as possible. You are 100% responsible for your own wellbeing throughout The School Of Potential.